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Transformation FM

Transformation is a human-centred, interdisciplinary process that seeks to create desirable and sustainable changes in behaviour and form – of individuals, systems and organisations – often for socially progressive ends. There were a number of definitions for transformation but we liked this one because it was as simple or complex as you want it to be.

So why transform what you already have. Because, “to keep doing what you have always done will get you what you have always got”. The decision has been made to transform what you have already got because it does not meet your present or future requirements and is not delivering what the business needs or fit-in with the business strategy (See Strategic FM) and its objectives.

Well, now we have got that sorted lets go onto how we transform. Optimum FM would use a tailored gateway transformation programme scaled to suit your organisation. We would review the People, Process and Systems against a Transformation Gateway. Using a tailored gateway aligned and scaled to your business we would review the components of the existing delivery model and ultimately produce an options appraisal with risks, benefits and a recommendation.

Appropriate and frequent communication and feedback from all stakeholders is absolutely critical in order to obtain buy-in from everyone and to maintain Morale during a time of uncertainty.

Presentations and workshops will be used to facilitate the transformation process plus regular updates and useful reading material will be circulated to keep everyone informed. Books such as Who Moved My Cheese, The Mind Gym and From Good to Great plus others can also help to support the transformation process.

When transforming you need to bring peoples hearts and minds with you, as it will all be for nothing if you are striding up the hill at great pace just reaching the top, only to turn around and find you have left all the people at the bottom because you have failed to bring them with you.